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I am passionate about crafting...

Learn to sew in Chester

  I love teaching and inspiring people to be creative. Whether you’re a complete crafting novice, or are looking to refresh or develop your existing skills, whether you want to add a personal handmade touch to your home, have your heart set on a whole handmade wardrobe or are just looking for a new way to relax, I'm here to give you the tools and the confidence to achieve your goals.

Who am I?

Sewing workshops in Cheshire

  My name is Lyndsey and I initially set up Stitch Create Love to share my love of sewing with a whole new community of people. I passionately believe that sewing and the wider world of crafting has many benefits for us all. Whether you’re someone who is stressed out by the pressures of modern life looking for a way to relax, a new mum looking to develop skills that can benefit you and your family or you’re simply fed up of never finding clothes that actually fit on the high street, crafting can 100% help!

Why learn to sew?

Learn to sew in Cheshire

In today’s throwaway society where the pace of life is faster than ever, I feel that we are in danger of losing the joy of making things for ourselves. Sewing and other stitch based crafts make us stop, take things a little bit slower and relax into the process of designing and making our own clothes, toys and homewares so that we can de-stress and create something we can be truly proud of at the same time.

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