Beginner Dressmaking - Sew Over It Silk Cami Top

Want to learn all the basics of dressmaking but can’t commit to a 4 week course?

Want to make a versatile wardrobe staple in your choice of fabric?

Want to learn new techniques for creating professional seams?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above then our Silk Cami class is the one for you!

This is a Level 3 course designed for people who have had some experience of using a sewing machine (even if it’s only practising sewing a straight stitch on scrap fabric!) but want to learn the necessary skills and specialist knowledge to make their own simple cami top. 

Whilst the class is suitable for beginner dressmakers, more experienced dressmakers could also learn something new as the top is constructed using French seams and the construction can be made trickier by selecting a more complicated drapey fabric to work with. The class will teach you all the skills you need to make the Sew Over It Silk Cami top, including how to take your own body measurements, choose the best size for you and interpret a sewing pattern. You’ll receive a printed and digital copy of the pattern to take home with you to make more lovely tops! 

What you will learn

- How to read and interpret a sewing pattern.

- How to measure yourself correctly and select a pattern size.

- How to accurately pin and cut your fabric.

- Techniques for transferring pattern markings.

- All about seams, seam allowances and other simple dressmaking terminology.

- How to sew French seams.

- How to insert a facing.

- How to create a neat finish with no raw edges.

- How to create a hem.

- How to construct a simple cami top using a premium quality sewing pattern.

What’s included?

- A copy of the Sew Over It Silk Cami pattern (sizes 6 - 20) for you to take home and keep. You will receive a printed pattern to use during the class as well as a digital copy.

  to take home and keep.

- Use of all machines, tools and equipment.

- Refreshments

What you need to bring

- 1.2m – 2.25m of fabric to make your top and matching thread. The exact amount of 

  fabric you will need will vary depending on the size you wish to make. If you need any 

  more information about the amount of fabric you should bring please let us know. 

- Please note – if you are a beginner dressmaker we would recommend making this 

  top in a cotton lawn fabric. If you are a more experienced dressmaker, we would 

  recommend choosing a drapier fabric such as viscose, rayon or crepe to provide an 

  extra level of challenge. 

Level: Level 3

Running Time: 7 hours (2 x 3.5 hour sessions)

Cost: £85.00