Sewing ABC

Sewing ABC (or Absolute Beginner Class)

Never used a sewing machine before?

Want to learn a new set of skills to start you off on your sewing journey?

Need a good grounding in the very basics of sewing?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above then our Sewing ABC is for you!

This is a relaxed hands on workshop for complete beginners. The emphasis here is on you having a go and getting to grips with the basic functions of a sewing machine. Plenty of time has been allowed for not getting it right first time and trying again until you succeed! The skills you learn in this workshop will allow you to confidently approach basic sewing projects at home and give you the freedom to choose from our Level 2 and above workshops to extend your skills. And you’ll leave with a beautiful, professional looking cushion cover to decorate your home.

What you will learn

- What is a sewing machine and how does it work?

- How to insert a sewing machine needle.

- How to thread a sewing machine needle.

- How to wind a bobbin and insert it into the machine correctly.

- How to adjust the tension on a sewing machine.

- How to change the stitches on a sewing machine.

- How to sew in a straight line.

- How to sew around corners.

- How to sew a zigzag stitch (that’s the one our logo lettering is made from!).

- The different fabric types you can choose for sewing.

- Basic sewing terminology e.g. seam allowance, raw edge, selvedges, grain, warp and weft.

- How to select the correct sewing machine needle for your fabric.

- How to accurately cut and pin fabric.

- How to make a cushion cover.

- How to hem fabric.

- How to finish and/or trim and clip seams for a professional finish.

- How to press fabric for a professional finish.

- How to topstitch.

What’s included?

- Use of our sewing machines and accessories.

- Use of all tools.

- Cushion pad for your cushion cover.

- Refreshments.

What do I need to bring?

- 1m of medium weight woven fabric and co-ordinating thread (we would recommend a cotton fabric but you could also use a medium weight upholstery fabric – please contact us if you are unsure what to bring)

Level: Level 1

Running time: 3 hours

Cost: £45.00