Parent and Child Sewing - Make a Bag Class

- Never used a sewing machine before or forgotten how to use one?

- Want to spend quality time with your child whilst you both learn a new skill?

- Want to have fun designing your own personalised project?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above then our Parent and Child Make a Tote Bag class is for you!

This is a Level 1 class for complete beginners. Aimed at parents with one accompanying child (aged 7 and over) who want to learn to sew together, we will teach you all the skills you need to make your very own personalised tote shopping bag. 

We will help you to design your own motif to personalise your bag and teach you all the techniques you need to know to apply them to your project. Plenty of time has been allowed for not getting it right first time and trying again until you both succeed! 

The skills you learn in this class will allow you both to confidently approach basic sewing projects at home together so that you can share and enjoy your skills together for many years to come. 

The cost of all materials needed to make the tote bag itself are included in this class – all you need to do is have fun together choosing the scraps you will bring to make your personalised appliqué motifs. You could use fat quarters or even re-use some items of clothing or other soft furnishings from home.

What you will learn

- What is a sewing machine and how does it work?

- How to insert a sewing machine needle.

- How to thread a sewing machine needle.

- How to wind a bobbin and insert it into the machine correctly.

- How to adjust the tension on a sewing machine.

- How to change the stitches on a sewing machine.

- How to sew in a straight line.

- How to sew curves.

- How to sew a zigzag stitch (that’s the one our logo lettering is made from!).

- How to select the correct sewing machine needle for your fabric.

- How to accurately cut and pin fabric.

- How to make a tote shopping bag.

- How to create and apply handles.

- How to sew French seams.

- How to press fabric for a professional finish.

- How to topstitch.

What’s included?

- Use of our sewing machines and accessories.

- Use of all tools.

- Calico fabric to make your tote shopping bag.

- Refreshments.

What do I need to bring?

- Fabric scraps to make your personalised motifs. This can be any fabric you wish. Fat 

  quarters are a good place to start as these are made from easy to handle quilting 

  weight cotton and you’ll get a good choice of prints for a small price. You could also 

  use old clothes from home if you wanted to sew some special memories into your 

  bag together.

If you have any questions about the fabric you need to bring, please get in touch and we will be happy to help!

Running time: 3 hours (with built in breaks!)

Level: Level 1

Cost: £50.00

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