Learn to Sew Course

Learn to Sew Course

Never used a sewing machine before (or not sure how to use one)?

Want to learn a wide range of sewing skills that can help you tackle a variety of craft projects?

Want to make practical items with a professional finish?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above then our Learn to Sew Course is for you!

This is a Level 1 workshop aimed at complete beginners or those who have never really got to grips with how to use a sewing machine. Over 4 weeks you will learn how to make four different practical items becoming confident with new techniques and building your sewing skills as you go.

We will teach you how to make:

- a hot drinks cosy/cup holder - this can be made to fit any drinks container e.g. a 

  cafetiere, reusable drinks cup or mug;

- an eye mask - these make ideal gifts to yourself or for anyone in need of some 'me' 


- reusable face cloths - far more eco-friendly than cotton wool or wipes, these also 

  make a lovely baby gift for mopping up delicate little faces; and

- a useful tote shopping bag - sturdy and stylish, we will help you design and make

  your own bag to use for shopping or storage. 

Each project will involve more complicated techniques than the one before to help you build your skills. We will explain how the skills you learn can help you to complete other projects so that you can leave our course with the confidence to make lots more items.

This course really is about setting you up with the fundamental skills you need for a lifetime of sewing!

What you will learn

- What is a sewing machine and how does it work?

- How to insert a sewing machine needle.

- How to thread a sewing machine needle.

- How to wind a bobbin and insert it into the machine correctly.

- How to adjust the tension on a sewing machine.

- How to change the stitches on a sewing machine.

- How to sew in a straight line.

- How to sew decorative stitches.

- The different fabric types you can choose for sewing.

- Basic sewing terminology e.g. seam allowance, raw edge, selvedges.

- How to select the correct sewing machine needle for your fabric.

- How to accurately cut and pin fabric.

- How to make a hot drinks cosy/cup holder which uses the following skills:

      o How to sew around corners.

      o How to topstitich.

      o How to sew a buttonhole.

      o How to sew a button on using the sewing machine.

- How to make an eye mask which includes the following skills:

      o How to sew curves

      o How to clip and finish your seams for a neat finish.

      o How to sew elastic.

      o How to invisibly close gaps in your seams using hand sewing techniques.

- How to make re-usable face cloths which uses the following skills:

      o How to quilt.

      o How to make binding.

      o How to attach binding.

      o How to finish your binding both by hand and using the sewing machine.

- How to make a tote bag which uses the following skills:

      o How to make and attach handles.

      o How to choose and sew a lining.

      o How to sew patch pockets.

      o How to use applique to decorate your projects.

      o How to create a flat base for a bag.

What’s included?

- Use of our sewing machines and accessories.

- Use of all tools.

- Wadding/padding for your drinks cosy/cup holder, eye mask and face cloths.

- Elastic for your eye mask.

- Flannel/towelling for your face cloths.

- Interfacing for your bag.

- Iron on adhesive for your bag.

- Tea, coffee and biscuits.

What do I need to bring?

Session 1

- 1 fat quarter (or 0.5m) of fabric for your drinks cosy/cup holder. This should ideally    

  be a quilting weight cotton but any medium weight cotton will be suitable. 

- A button (this should be no larger than 1” in diameter)

- Matching thread.

For other sessions

- 1 fat quarter of fabric for your eye mask and matching thread. This should ideally be 

  a quilting weight cotton but any medium weight cotton will be suitable. 

- 1m of fabric for your face cloths (backing and binding) and matching thread. This 

  should be a light to medium weight cotton.

- Fabric for your tote bag and matching thread. The exact amount you will need will 

  depend upon the design of your bag. We will help you to work this out during the 

  course. As a guide, you will need around 1.5m of co-ordinating fabrics in total.

Level: Level 1

Running time: 4 x 2.5 hour sessions

Cost: £125.00